East Meets West

1984 “East Meets West”


It related the work of a Chinese artist, Tseng Kwong Chi who lived & worked in New York.

The film was selected by 12 festivals, among them, the prestigious “International Festival of Photography” in Arles, France.


1985/Bucks County Film Festival/Special Committee Award

1985/Chicago Access Corporation’s Festival/”Silver Can Award”

1985/The 27th American Film Festival, New York City

1986/ The Baltimore Film Forum/Honorable Mention

1986/The Baca Festival/cash award winner

1986/The Muddy Film Festival/Certificate of Excellence

1986/The Sinkink Creek Film Celebration/cash award winner

1986/The New School/Parsons Film Show/Best Documentary

“East Meets West” is a permanent part of many museum’s collections:

The Guggenheim Museum in New York, The Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution/Washington, The Museum of Broadcast of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Paul Getty Trust, The Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, The Houston Center for Photography, The Portland Museum of Contemporary Art, The Educational Film Library Association, etc.

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